Technology Won’t Change Your Culture

Technology won’t change your culture.
I have to emphasise it again. ¬†Technology won’t change your culture. No matter what technology you buy. Stop accepting the tech vendor promises at face value.

You need to put in the hard work to change the people side of systems, processes, rewards, learning, and organizational design. The implications for old school IT techniques are huge. Design-Deliver-Deploy will only launch the tech. Ancient OCM campaigns, issued from up above by various silos, will have no effect.

It’s difficult and shocking to many.

Take a look at this matrix.

Tech-Culture Matrix

The most progressive and effective path is to move from the bottom left, up to top left, and then to the right. That’s the path most consistently high performing organizations follow.

But far too many try to push right immediately and never receive the benefits the vendors or big consultancies promise.

Where is your company? Which path are you taking?

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