We are organizational learning and collaboration practitioners.

Our services give you practical and actionable support to build digital collaboration and learning capabilities in your organization.

We create connected digital leaders who see the wisdom in working together.

With our key partnerships, we measure results that will disarm the most ardent skeptic in your organisation.

Key Services

For each, we offer combinations of project leadership, workshops and coaching, and support community memberships.

Practical Social Learning

Do you want to make your learning efforts more effective and cheaper? We will get you started. Already started? We can measure how well you are doing and find areas of improvement.

Collaboration Support

Need to bridge silos, work across time zones, or support remote work? Our processes, tools and planning will enable you to deliver effective collaboration support.

Digital Leadership Coaching

Are your executives fully prepared to lead digital strategies? Our leadership coaching covers the theory and practice of the latest digital tools (personal, internal, and external), lean startup, experience design and more.

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Ethical Business

Business is a force for good in the world, but a shallow focus on shareholder value means not everyone benefits. We think things should be different.

To practice what we believe, we are a Pending B Corp.

We offer special rates for other B Corps, ethical organisations, charities and not-for-profits.


We partner with vendors who share our views of culture and technology.

  • CultureAmp
    The world's most powerful employee feedback and analytics platform
  • NoddlePod
    A specialised knowledge sharing tool that makes learning together really easy
  • Sideways6
    Crowdsouring, Innovation, Recognition and Analytics for Yammer
  • We Are AFK
    UX Coaching and Digital Transformation Consultancy